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Shipment of direct and OQRS QSL cards.

The first 4 shipments  of  2100 direct and OQRS QSL cards were  mailed out today,  Jan 24th. Here is a picture of 2 of the shipments of QSL cards heading to their new homes. We are working on the remaining 1600 direct QSL cards and should have them all mailed out by end of month.  Once we have… Read More »

VK9MA QSL card

The VK9MA card was sent to the printing company Jan 11th . We are expecting the cards to be delivered around Jan 22nd, and we will be mailing out the direct cards immediately afterwards.

Homeward bound

They have packed up and are homeward bound to Port Douglas.  It appears they ended up with a little over 43K QSO.  Will find out the correct total when they arrive home.  They were very tired by the end.  Congrats on a job well done guys. You can see all the statistics on Club Log.  Til the next… Read More »

Packing up

They left 3 people on the island tonight and will be finishing the packing today.  Every one is exhausted and ready to head home.

Packing up some

They will be tearing down the 160 setup after dawn.  They require 30 Zodiac trips to get all the equipment back to the boat.  They will continue on the higher bands but condx are near impossible above 20 M..  Have not seen them make it to the EC on 17 M and up in the last few days.  They were… Read More »

Last chance on 160 and schedule for tonight

Coming up in about 8 hours which will be their sunset,  0745 GMT, will be the last night for 160 M.  They will alternate FT8 and CW depending on what they can hear.  They had in operation yesterday to USA on 160 two rx antenna in diversity mode but it appears that storms on the Pacific are causing… Read More »

Bands tonight

More input, tonight as previous message said they will be 160 CW with possible check of FT8 on occasion.  Also 80 CW, 40 SSB and 30 RTTY.

160 Meters

They say just two more nights on 160 before taking the Titanex down.  That is tonight, 11/13  starting sometime after around 0745 their sunset and the following night.  They will be doing more FT8 which is working very well on 160 M.   If you see them there just move to some unused frequency and call .  If they see… Read More »

Big push on low bands

They have been adding additional receiving antennas for the low bands.  They plan on putting on a big push tonight on 160, 80 and 40.

Noise sources

They are having problems with over the horizon radar on 80 M.  They will use 3505 as a secondary frequency if 3525 gets covered.  They lost a couple of power supplies.  The Honda generators have become a noise source but they were able to move them far enough away to correct them.