Packing up some

November 14, 2017

They will be tearing down the 160 setup after dawn.  They require 30 Zodiac trips to get all the equipment back to the boat.  They will continue on the higher bands but condx are near impossible above 20 M..  Have not seen them make it to the EC on 17 M and up in the last few days.  They were there we just could not hear them.

One last time,  OC and AF call anytime,  when CQ NA that also means SA.

On the low bands they are suffering severe QRN from storms over the Pacific toward NA.

They have been doing some FT8 but make sure you have the very latest WSJT-X dated Oct 27 2017.  Do not use and Ver with rc1 or rc2.  If you are hearing them pick a clear offset and call.  If they hear you they will eventually move to your offset and finish the QSO.