All the necessary radio equipment is in hand.

5 x Elecraft K3S Transceivers

5 x Expert SPE-1.3K FA

TX Antennas:
17m/20m  – 2 element Vertical Dipole Array
10m-20m – 2 element SteppIR @ 10m AGL
30m – 4 square
40m – 4 square
80m – 4 square, and CrankIR modified
10-80m – CrankIR full height adjustable ¼ wave vertical
160m – full height ¼ wave vertical (CrankIR modified + box kite), and Titanex 90’ vertical

RX Antennas
80m – 4 square vertical array ~RDF 12
160m –  4 square vertical array ~RDF 12

N1MM Logger+ is our logger of choice for the DXpedition to Mellish Reef

LZ1JZ QSL-print is printing the QSL cards for the DXpedition to Mellish Reef

We will be using ARLAN Communications RadioSport RS60CF headsets and PTT switches.