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Log delays

There are 2 logging networks there and one appears to be much slower updating so give it some time maybe an hour or more.

Still installing more antennas

Rob said the Titanex was up for 160 and 80.  RX antennas will go up tomorrow.  They are still working on some log corrections and aware that especially on 17 M there are some problems.

Log Problems

We are aware that are some log problems and are trying to resolve some of them.  Some of them may have to be resolved after they return depending on how much work it is going to involve.  Sorry for this inconvenience.

Passing out Q’s

I have been listening to them most of the day and seems to be running smoothly although a few bugs to work out yet.  They will try to get equal percentages on the major continents and also on modes.  Of course propagation plays into that.  Once again, OC and AF can call anytime when they are doing directive CQ. … Read More »

On the air

They have arrived as you can see by the spots.  They are still getting things sorted out.  Working on the 80 M antenna but might be another day before any 160.


They arrived at the island around 19 Z.  They will off load just before sunrise.  It will take a little while to get going but Rob told me some time back that as soon as one station was assembled they would be on the air with that one while continuing to build up each station.

Closing in

11/02/2017.  The captain says they should arrive around 1600 Z which is 2 AM local.  They will wait until 2000 Z, 06 local to unload.   That is about 1 1/2 hours before sunrise.

Half way mark

11/01/2017.  I got a message around 2100 GMT today from Rob saying they were about halfway.  Should be there in about 48 hours and says the moon is bright enough that they might land during the night.  I am sure that with depend on the sea state at that time. Rob says again to stress that they will listen… Read More »

Final preparations before leaving for Port Douglas.

Today we have made the final preparations and tuning before we leave for Port Douglas tomorrow morning. All equipment is packaged and stored so it will be easy to load the truck tomorrow morning, heading for Port Douglas. We expect to leave Port Douglas with M/V Phoenix at 13:00 local time (03:00z), heading for Meelish Reef and a big… Read More »

More testing at Paul’s place.

Today we have been build cables for the BPF for all the stations. We also did the configuration of all the pc’s, and hooked up a K3S with and SPE-amp, making a few QSOs to check that all was ok. Lasse, SM5GLC on the air. Eric and Brian looked into how to get the kite going.